Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Friday – Ink Blending with Splatter

It is Friday! Happy Fri-YAY everyone! What does that mean is for the blog? – Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Since I have been using the Friends are like Seashells Bundle, I knew exactly what tip, trick, or technique I wanted to show you guys today. I have a technique today that has to do with Ink Blending. To do Ink Blending with Spatter, you will need Blending Brushes. I have used them many times in my Facebook Live Sessions. In fact this week, I used them for the Simple Stamping Sunday cards (Click here to see them.) and yesterday’s Facebook Live Thursday Session (Click here to see it.). But this blog post will teach you to add splatter to your Ink Blending.

A partial image of a card showing the technique of Ink Blending with Splatter

The picture above is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog post, where I will show Ink Blending with Splatter on my Facebook Live Session, Saturday at 4 pm EST. It is such a simple technique and leaves you with an absolutely beautiful outcome.

Let’s begin with the Ink Blending. You will need a piece of copy paper to protect your surface. Next, cut a piece of cardstock to your desired size. With the ink color of your choice, rub your Blending Brush across the surface of your Ink Pad and pick up the color. By rubbing off a small amount onto your copy paper, it will prevent a harsh splotch of ink from being deposited onto the cardstock. Next, rotate the brush in a circular motion as you deposit ink on the cardstock in the desired areas. Continue refreshing your blending brush with the ink, and blending that into your cardstock. Stop when you have the desired amount of pigment on your cardstock.

Shows Ink Blending in an ombre pattern from bottom right corner to top left corner of the piece of cardstock

In the example above, I wanted an ombre look on my cardstock. I blended from darker to lighter to achieve that.

Showing the Ombre Cardstock from the picture above but this time showing the Splatter added to it

Now comes the fun part. To get the splattered look, take a Water Brush and tap the barrel against your hand or a pencil and splatter the water on your freshly inked cardstock. When the water hits the ink, it will cause it to change color and give you that ‘starry sky’ or splattered look. Once the water dries on the cardstock you can stamp on it and attach it to your card front. The results are amazing!

I am so happy to share with you this simple technique of Ink Blending with Splatter. It really is a pretty result. I hope you learned something that you will use in the future. I also hope you watch tomorrow on my Facebook Live Session as I demonstrate this technique and apply it to a card. Comment below with any questions you may have and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. If you want to see last Friday’s blog post with another Tip, Trick, or Technique, click here.

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